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Mod Description:

This competition is now closed.

The winner was Johnny with the impressive winning speed of 10411.1 m.s.

For this competition the aim is to fly as fast as you can go using the stock parts bin only. There is no time limit on this one so go for as long as you like (just make sure you take a screen shot / video when you get to your fastest speed).

How To Enter

1. You need to take a screenshot and/or video of your flight. The screenshot can show either your flight results once you’ve landed (crashed in my case) or if you’re still in space just a screenshot of your current speed shown near the bottom.

2. Use a picture hosting service to upload your photo such as Flickr or Photobucket or if you record a video of your attempt, use a video hosting service such as Youtube to upload your video.

3. Post your picture, or a link to your picture/video in the comments section below. For pictures you can use the tags <@img src="PICTURE URL HERE" /> – just removed that @ symbol first

4. Redesign and go back to step 1.


For more of a challenge – you can only use the standard parts provided in Kerbal Space Program.

There is no time limit to this challenge.


Competition closes 21st September so you have plenty of time to perfect your spacecrafts and flights.

Get building and good luck!!


Current Leaders

1. Johnny – 10411.1 m/s (10786.9 m/s using .10.1)
2. Catalyst – 4133.1 m/s
3. Ancalagon – 3949.3 m/s


12 comments on “Closed – Comp 3 – Fast, Faster and Fastest

  1. Ancalagon on said:


    Here is a first try with clean 0.10 install:

  2. Denzo76 on said:

    Second attempt on a un-modded 0.10 install.

  3. Here we go. v0.10, third try.

  4. Johnny on said:

    Used a clean .10.1 install, no mods or anything. I could run it on .10 if it matters for the contest though.

    • andycambo on said:

      Hi Johnny,

      Nice attempt!! Not sure if the changes in .10.1 will have made such a difference. Your entry counts for now :-) . I’ll have to have a look at the new version to see if there is such a huge advantage.

      • Johnny on said:

        The big change that might factor in was that he redid how it calculated the atmosphere…which I’m not sure would be a positive or negative thing…but if everyone else is sticking with .10 I could always just redo it using that version.

  5. Catalyst on said:


    Took me a while to get, but I got above 4K/s!

  6. andycambo on said:

    Last day to enter! I think I’m on to a winner.

  7. Johnny on said:

    Okay, just to see how well it flew…I ran the exact rocket I got the previous score with in .10

    It did end up going slower, though not much slower, and didn’t reach quite the same distance…though it is close enough to say it might have been a mix of the changes between .10 and .10.1 and my own controlling of it. The last stage has no SAS so I have to constantly fine-tune its heading.

  8. andycambo on said:

    This competition is now closed. Congratulations to Johnny for his fantastic entry.

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