Kerbal Space Program Mods

On this page you will find the latest mods for Kerbal Space Program. I have only added the best mods to save you time, so download the below KSP mods and have some fun!

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Kerbal Space Program Mod Catagories


Coupler Mods.

Advanced Decoupler

Kerbal Space Program Advanced DeCoupler

A stunning decoupler mod – fly with style

Mod Description: The Advanced Decoupler for Kerbal Space Program is a great looking modification. It adds a little extra style and class to your space expedition. Just watch the video to see what I mean.

Advanced Decoupler Video on YouTube

Download: Here

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Liquid Fuel Engine Mods.

LFE-G1 Liquid Fuel Rocket Engine

Kerbal Space Program LFE-G1 Liquid Fuel Rocket Engine

Less is more – with little fuel consumption you wont fall short

Mod Description: The LFE-G1 Liquid Fuel Rocket Engine mod for Kerbal Space Program is a powerful and stable rocket that will get you to where you need to go – unless miscalculate.

LFE-G1 Video on YouTube

Download: Here


Liquid Fuelled Nacelles

Kerbal Space Program Liquid Fuelled Nacelles

Liquid Fueled Nacelles – Look awesome, doesn’t it?

Mod Description: The Nacelles make extremely stably fuel tanks and hold 2.5 times the fuel of the standard tank. Oh and it looks great too!

Download: Here


XM1 Rocket Mod

Kerbal Space Program XFM Liquid Fuel Rocket Engine

Looks a little strange but works great.

Mod Description: The XM1 Liquid Fuel Rocket Engine mod which is a powerful and stable rocket. The legs can also help when you’re in need to land which is a nice touch.

Video Coming Soon

Download: Here


BFE-5000 Liquid Engine Mod

Kerbal Space Program BFE-5000 Liquid Fuel Rocket Engine

Go BIG!!

Mod Description: The BFE-5000 Liquid Fuel Rocket Engine mod for Kerbal Space Program is a huge and powerful rocket that will get you to where you need to go, and possibly further and faster than you first planned.

Did I mention this thing was huge?!

BFE 5000 Video on YouTube.

Download: Here


Radial Booster Pack

Kerbal Space Program Radial Booster Mod

You spin me right round baby right round.

Mod Description: The Radial Booster Mod is able to give your spacecraft more stabilisation and help with stage separation. The mod download includes

  • Radial Spin Booster – Provides rotational thrust to aid in trajectory stabilization.
  • Radial Solid Booster – Angular thrust for directional stability.
  • Radial Liquid Booster – Throttle adjustable thrust for directional stability. Must be attached to liquid fuel tank.
  • Radial Ullage Booster – For assisting stage separation. Very short firing time.

Spinner Video on Youtube

Separation Video on Youtube

Download: Here

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Solid Fuel Engine Mods.

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Fuel Tanks.

Enatmos and Outatmos

Kerbal Space Program Enatmos and Outatmos

A large storage fuel tank – don’t leave without!

Mod Description: The Outatmos and Enatmos liquid fuel tank is your one stop item for out of atmoshpere traveling. Despite that fact these engines overheat extremely easily, and will expload if left unchecked, they storge large amounts of fuel in their patented double hump design and glide effortlessly through vaccum. From the KSP to space don’t leave without one!

Enatmos and Outatmos Video on YouTube

Download: Here

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Heat Capacitors Mods.

Heat Management Solutions Union 1.2

Kerbal Space Program Heat Management Solution

Now there’s no need to worry about exploding!

Mod Description: This add-on gives you 5 parts:-

  • FRST-5 Thermal Pump: Uses a little liquid fuel to shave off large amounts of heat.
  • CHLL-2 Heat Capacitor: Contains no fuel, but can hold large amounts of heat.
  • FRG-50 “Snowman” Autonomous Heat Evac Unit: Gives no noticeable thrust (only smoke), but shakes off a good deal of heat.
  • AV-R8b Passive Radiator: Based on the Winglet. Can hold a good deal of heat.
  • LV-T30a Liquid Fuel Collector: “Sucks” in the unburned fuel from the low efficiency of the neighbouring engines.
  • CLD-8 Radiator: Heavier, less aerodynamic, but two and a half more effective than the passive radiator.

This mod is great for those who keep blowing up on their way to space.

Video Coming Soon

Download: Here

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Lunar Module Add ons.

Lunar Lander Part Mods

Kerbal Space Program Lunar Modification

A Different Lander Lander Module Mod – for a safe return

Mod Description: This is a set of lander parts, containing several components for, as can be assumed, landers.

Download: Here

Lander Leg

Kerbal Space Program Lander Leg Modification

The Lander Leg Mod – for a stable landing

Mod Description: Radially attachable and extremely sturdy. Bolt it to whatever components you want, and they should be long enough to protect most liquid engines.

Download: Here

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Misc. Mods

KSP Helicopter

Kerbal Space Program Helicopter Mod

Flying just got better.

Mod Description: This add on, created by Tosh, comes with everything you ever need to build your own helicopter for KSP. The mod includes rotors that spin in opposite directions meaning that you can build some interesting and awesome machines!

See this mod in action

Download: Here

Cart / Moon Buggy

Kerbal Space Program Cart

Cruise in style with the KSP Cart.

Mod Description: This cart is stackable so you can create all type of machines with it and with working headlights and brake lights this mod also looks the part.

With working suspension, the cart is safely capable of 100m/s on land but on the Mun it is recommended that you keep to a leisurely pace.

Keyboard Controls:
Forward (I) – Backwards (K) – Brake (N)
Left Steering (J) – Right Steering (L)


Download: Here

Dr. Who Tardis

Kerbal Space Program Tardis Mod

Science Fiction brought to KSP

Mod Description: The Dr. Who Tardis Add-on for KSP comes with a separate engine, fuel, SAS and a pod so it can fly itself unassisted by outside rockets.

It’s fantastic fun!

Video of Tardis in action (kindly provided by ZomblesMC)

Download: Here


Flying Kerbanauts

Kerbal Space Program Flying Kerbanauts Mod

Space Kerbanauts – take them wherever you want

Mod Description: These little Kerbanauts fit nicely into your spacecraft ready to float about in the vacuum of space.

To use this mod properly you need need this mod and the advanced decoupler to hide the Kerbanauts properly.

Don’t forget the parachute!

Youtube Video

Download: Here


KSP Orbit Mechanic

Kerbal Space Program Orbital Calculator

planning your journey

Mod Description: KSP orbit Mechanic provides a robust minimum-fuel transfer analysis for Hohmann, Bi-elliptic, and inclined transfer schemes. More specifically, it will compare available transfer methods and analyze which option provides the minimum-fuel solution for the transfer data provided (i.e. initial altitude, target altitude, terminal radius ratio, etc). It also provides a complete analysis for all bounded orbits (i.e. elliptical or circular).

So if you’re still wondering what that means read the following:

  • Once you’re in orbit, you’re going to need data to help you understand what kind of orbit you’ve achieved.
  • Want to go somewhere? Select your preferred transfer method (e.g. Hohmann, Bi-elliptic, Inclined Three-Impulse, etc.) and enter your known data. KSP Orbit Mechanic will give you all the data you need (and quite a bit more).
  • Want to intercept the Mun? Check out the Hohmann Transfer section and use 11400km for your outer orbit altitude; the data the follows will tell you the lead/lag angle needed to intercept the Mun, the Delta-Vs required to get out to the Mun’s circular orbit, and if a more efficient bi-elliptic transfer is available.
  • Want to see how much more massive Earth is when compared to Kerbin? How about the equatorial radius? Surface gravity? If you answered “yes” to any of these, or would like to know anything and everything there is to know about the game’s celestial bodies (and a few real ones), check out the Astronomical Objects section.

It takes a while to get use to the system but it is well worth it.

Download: Here


Nova Punch Remix Pack

Kerbal Space Program Wobbly Rockets Mod

The NovaPunch Mod – lots of choice

Mod Description: The SIDR and Wobbly Rockets mods for KSP have both been discontinued by their authors. But luckily for us the mods have be brought together and the author has ironed out some issues that were in the previous releases.

This add on has plenty of parts to play with, you’ll never get bored!

Video coming soon

Download: Here


The Discovery Shuttle

Kerbal Space Program Discovery Shuttle Mod

Kerbal Space Program – now with a real shuttle!

Mod Description: The Discovery Shuttle mod gives you the famous shuttle used by NASA. With the Discovery flying over 39 successful missions it’s a pleasure to have it in Kerbal Space Program.

Discovery Video on YouTube

Download: Here


RocketBird Pod Mod

Kerbal Space Program RocketBird Mod

Strong – Sturdy – Sexy

Mod Description: The RocketBird Mod is a very sturdy capsule. It is much stronger than the standard pod and can withhold much more heat.

Please note that the RocketBird mod currently replaces the default pod until the option to switch them is added – Back up your mk1pod part!.

RocketBird Pod Video on YouTube

Download: Here

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Part Packs.

Solar Rover

Lionhead Solar Rover

perfect for exploring distant muns.

Mod Description: Lionhead’s Prometheus Solar Rover mod includes several deliverance methods as well as including a rover to use after a successful landing. The landing capsules vary greatly ranging from rocket powered descents to airbags and parachutes.

The author has also included pre-made capsules to help save you a little extra time.

Skycrane video on YouTube

Download v3.6: Here

CORE Anvil

Kerbal Space Program BrickMod Part Pack

Warning – contains style.

Mod Description: The CORE anvil mod is a self contained rocket capable of breaking the atmosphere (and it does it in style!). The author has kindly added a pre-made rocket so you can straight to work.

CORE Anvil video on YouTube

Download: Here

Space 1999 Eagle

Lionhead Solar Rover

Remake a the classic TV series.

Mod Description: The Space 1999 mod is a remake of the classic TV series that aired in the 70′s. The mod itself features micro nuclear engines as well as high powered hover engines which enable you to easily to get to the Mun and back in one go.

To use this mod properly you also need the MechJeb plugin which is available on our Plugin page

Space 1999 Eagle video on YouTube

Download: Here


Kerbal Space Program BrickMod Part Pack

A little bit of Lego to my left – A little bit of Minecraft to me right.

Mod Description: The BrickMod part add on gives you lots of building options that look a lot like Lego pieces – so now you can fly in style. The part pack includes:-

  • Brick Engine 2×2 Standard
  • Brick Engine 4×4 Large
  • Brick Solid Rocket
  • Brick Fuel Tank Standard
  • Brick Radial Decoupler
  • Brick Radial Stack Decoupler
  • Brick Winglet (fully functioning)

So get downloading and don’t forget to post your space contraptions below. We love to see them.

BrickMod video on YouTube

Download: Here

Wacky Wood Wares

Kerbal Space Program BrickMod Part Pack

I’ve got wood.

Mod Description: The Wacky Wood Wares mod is a fully functioning spacecraft with a twist. Just make sure you don’t get too close to the sun, otherwise you might not make it back!

This KSP mod includes:-

  • Custom decoupler
  • Tricoupler
  • Wooden plank (as a strut)
  • Autogyro ( Adv S.A.S)
  • Landing Foot
  • Oven Engine
  • Clothing Iron ( RCS block)
  • Old Whiskey Barrel
  • Ridiculously Big Firework rocket
  • Wooden Winglet
  • Wooden radial decoupler
  • Gas Container (rcs fuel)
  • Wooden Command Pod
  • Custom Parachute
  • Download: Here

    Thunderbirds Mod

    Kerbal Space Program Gemini

    Thunderbirds are go!

    Mod Description: Currently only containing Thunderbird 3 it is still an excellent additional to Kerbal Space Program.

    Download: Here

    Soyuz & Lander Mod

    Kerbal Space Program Rocket and Lander Mod

    Travel in style and comfort – just don’t get lost

    Mod Description: RocktCo Industries & The Munar Institute of Technology present the Soyuz Ship & Moon Lander Mod.

    This mod is in 2 separate parts, the ship and the moon lander. Unfortunately you can’t use these parts in conjunction with the standard parts – but there is no need too as this add on will get you anywhere you want to go in Kerbal’s Universe.

    This ship part of the mod incldues:-

    • booster liquid engine
    • booster liquid tank
    • booster decoupler
    • central core engine
    • central core tank
    • 2nd stage decoupler
    • 2nd stage engine
    • 2nd stage fuel tank
    • 3rd stage decoupler

    The moon lander includes:-

    • orbital engine
    • fuel tank
    • decoupler
    • landing engine
    • landing fuel tanks
    • landing legs
    • SAS module
    • capsule decoupler
    • parachute

    Watch this in action on YouTube

    Download: Here

    Project Gemini

    Kerbal Space Program Gemini

    Engineering at its best

    Mod Description: Based on a 1960′s USA Project Gemini this latest KSP mod looks the part. This mod is packed full features and is capable of getting to the Mun and back without any additional parts.

    • A parachute slightly stronger than a standard one which ensures a safe landing even in the mountains area
    • Command pod itself
    • A special decoupler
    • An ASAS module
    • Small liquid fuel tank with enough fuel to land on the Mun, take-off and get back home
    • Small and sturdy liquid fuel engine (survives a Mun landing at 3-4 m/s vertical speed)
    • An optional compact 1.75m decoupler to attach NovaPunch 1.75-meter parts to a spacecraft

    Please note that as it’s a high-definition add on it may take up to several minutes to load it for the first time. The following loads will be quicker.

    YouTube Video Coming Soon

    Download: Here

    Silisko Industries Doughnut Research & Spacecraft Development

    Kerbal Space Program Part Pack

    Lots of choice to build your dream spacecraft.

    Mod Description: The Silisko Industries add-on adds a lot of new parts to Kerbal Space Program giving you plenty of choice to build your perfect spacecraft. Below are just a few of the additional parts this mod will give you.

    • GG-M4 Liquid Fuel Engine: Less engine, less safety. Burns through fuel at 1.5x speed, but has the same thrust and 1/3rd the weight of the LV-T30.
    • CMM-96 Surplus Booster: Don’t let it’s legal status fool you, this is a wonderful booster. The only problem with it is it can only be mounted on the sides of things.
    • HH-78a Large Fuel Tank: A large 2 meter tank from the HH-78 set of rocket parts.
    • MPM-20 S.A.S Module: Powerful but heavy.

    Video Coming Soon

    Download: Here

    KW Challenger Pack

    Kerbal Space Program KW Challenger Pack

    Rockets galore (and a few fuel tanks).

    Mod Description: The parts in the KW Challenger Mod Pack are scaled according to the correct cylindrical volumes meaning that everything is approximately balanced to the default parts in Kerbal Space Program. This allows the mods to be challenging, as well as allowing for bigger and more powerful rockets in KSP.

    • Liquid Fuel Engines: Includes one and two meter engines.
    • Solid Fuel Engines: One meter Globe V solid fuel engine.
    • Solid Fuel Engines: Two meter Globe X solid fuel engine.
    • Solid Fuel Engines: Half meter Globe I solid fuel engine.
    • Fuel Tank: Includes one and two meter fuel tanks.

    Video Coming Soon

    Download: Here

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    The Hidra Parachute

    Kerbal Space Program Hidra Parachute Mod

    Use in case of emergency.

    Mod Description: This parachute mod is a great improvement over the standard parachute. It does however fully open as soon at is deployed, not a major problem but something to remember otherwise you could be waiting a while to land!

    Video Coming Soon

    Download: Here

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    Rail-gun and Missiles

    Kerbal Space Program Missile and railgun Mod

    Aim and Fire!

    Mod Description: The rail-gun and missle add-on from JellyCubes Advanced Weapons Research and Development is a functioning weapon for KSP.

    All you need to do is attach the mod, create some ammo and launch.

    Please not that stacking multiple projectiles directly onto the railgun doesn’t work. You have to create your stack of ammo on a free node point outside the railgun then move the whole ammo stack into the gun.

    Video Coming Soon

    Rail-gun Download: Here

    Missile Download: Here

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    C7 Aviation Pack

    Kerbal Space Program Aviation Flight Mod

    Take control.

    Mod Description: The C7 Aviation Add-on contains fuselage components that carry fuel, a working Cockpit and wings.

    The Hard Points Add on allows you to attach items where you may not otherwise be able to. it is experimental at the moment but allows for greater creativity, so worth trying out.

    C7 Aviation Pack Video on YouTube

    Flight pack Download: Here

    Hard Points Download: Here

    Experimental Release Download: Here
    The experimental release add on contains new engines, air intakes, wing pylons, and hull pylons. Be sure to check it out.

    Long Wing and Gravity Bomb Mod

    Kerbal Space Program Long Wing Mod

    Take aim – FIRE!

    Mod Description: The Long Wing mod gives you erm, long wings. The bomb part of this mod gives you erm, a bomb. That’s pretty much covers everything I think.

    Long Wings & Bomb Video on YouTube

    Download: Here

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    How to Install Kerbal Space Program Mods.

    After downloading once of the mods above you will need to unpack the mod by using your chosen software – I recommend WinRAR for mods that are .rar files.

    Go to your KSP folder and locate the parts folder – \KSP\parts – this is where you need to extract the downloaded mod files. The extracted file structure should look a little something like this:-


    Next run Kerbal Space Program and go to the Vehicle Assembly Building and check that your mods have installed correctly. If they have, build a spacecraft a go!